Rental House Escape (Online Gamez World) Game

Rental House Escape (Online Gamez World)

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You traveled to a different city for work. And instead of staying in a hotel, you chose to stay in a house. So you rented a house for a week. It was a nice place. It contained the basic things that you needed. You met the owner and he was more than happy that you decided to rent his house. He said he made sure to make it clean and free from anything that can cause you any stress. He even gave you a discount. The deal you made brightened you up. He gave you the key and left you to enjoy the house. However, once you were alone, you felt like something's weird. Then again, you shook it off. You were knew to the place and it was just normal to feel a little weird. So you looked for something fun to do.

You found some snacks in the fridge and you sat in front of the tv. Your phone rang and you stood up to answer it. When you came back, the tv was off and your snacks moved. You thought you just forgot about where you placed it. But when you sat down, the tv turned on by itself. The sofa also looked like someone else was sitting beside you. You jumped from your seat to run outside. However, the door jammed. Play Rental House Escape (Online Gamez World) room escape game by Online Gamez World and escape fast!

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