Release Girl From Curse Game

Release Girl From Curse

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Once upon a time, there was a girl, called Helena. She was as beautiful as the first of the spring and everyone admired her who saw her. She had a sister, who wasn't as beautiful as her. I don't say she was ugly, she was quite beautiful on her own, but she always compared herself to her sister. This caused a hige rift between them. One day, one very unlucky day, they both fell in love for the same man. He was a young hunter, who happened to walk that way when the accident happened. The sisters' carriage got attacked by werewolves. The hunter took them down and saved the girls. Later on, the hunter married the most beautiful sister and pushed the other girl into eternal sorrowness and sadness. She used black magic to get her revenge on the too happy couple of love birds. The hunter and the sister became statues and are awaiting for their savior. It's gonna be you.


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