Regain Memory Game

Regain Memory

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You're living your life to the fullest. Always searching for adventures to have that rush you always need. You have traveled to many countries. And you have also met a lot of wonderful and rude people. Likewise, you have your heart completed and then broken many of times as well. Still you push further for your life. Everything is going fine until fate decides to have a little game with you. One day, while climbing your 10th mountain, a freak accident happened and you stayed in the hospital for two months. You can't open your eyes or even talk. Then the nurses start to notice your responses and you slowly recover. However, you're looking at them blankly. You look at your body and wonder if you're in the right one. The nurse slowly explains to you your condition. You wish not to believe it but there's no way around.

You forgot everything that's happened to you. Yet you managed to go through life after all of this. But now, you're witnessing another person undergoing the same situation. You can't just stand and look at him. So you decide to help him get through this challenge in his life. Regain Memory is a room escape game by Enagames.


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