Radical Room Escape Game

Radical Room Escape

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Radical Room Escape is a escape the room game made by Yotreat. Assume you are on of the biggst fans of a tv series. This afternoon the last part was going to be released and if you would had come to work you would late it. So you asked you boss to stay home today. You knew he was going to allow it as a fan too. Actually he confessed you he was going to stay home before the big part this day. So after you got home from the supermarket buying some popcorn you sat down into your favourite chair and switched on the television. After a couple of minutes the phone rang. It was your dad asking you to go and fetch him because his car was broken down on the highway. With objections you left the tv behind and set out to leave. Appallingly you found the entrance locked despite you didn't locked it and the keys were missing. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!



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