Rabbit Statue Escape Game

Rabbit Statue Escape

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Rabbit Statue Escape is point and click escape game developed by XtraGamingz. Imagine you have been working in a forest as an environmentalist because the park have been declared as the part of the most beautiful places in your country. Hence the government decided to expel every destroying factor in order to preserve its beauty so your job was to deter the poachers and the people who pollute it with their trashes. One day you were patrolling wih your mate in the middle of the forest when suddenly you glanced a giant rabbit statue. You were astonished because two days before you had passed in this path and the statue had not been there. As you approached it suddenly his eyes turned on and you realized it was some kind of solidified creature. It started to communicate you and said he was from another planet but the air of the Earth was hurting his body so he protected himself by changing his external. He mentioned a glass of strange liquid somewhere nearby. It could help him calm down the pain. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to help him ease his problem. Good luck!




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