Rabbit Couple Rescue Game

Rabbit Couple Rescue

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You were about to feed your rabbits when you notice that one is not around. They are a couple so it is surprising to see just one. This is also the reason why the other one is so lonely. He might miss his partner so much and he might get sick because of this. You believe in love and you would do everything just to get them back together. So you went to the forest to find the other rabbit and you found out that she is in trouble. You have to rescue her and help her to escape from the cage. However, you don't have the key or anything that you can use to unlock the cage. Because of this, you have to go through the forest and collect items that you can use for the rescue.

Her partner must be so worried so you have to hurry up and solve this puzzle. There are clues around the area that can make this rescue easier. You just have to stay focused. Play Rabbit Couple Rescue outdoor escape game from 8B games and use your logic to help the rabbit couple get back to each other. Good luck and have fun!

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