Quest for Milkshake Game

Quest for Milkshake

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Quest for Milkshake is an amazing point 'n click adventure game developed by Carmel Games. Imagine you are a bartender in a small hut which is situated on the beach. A man had been buying shakes from your every day for years and he became a good friend of you. One day you wanted to lure more customer into the shop and promoted that today you had a special offer. It contained a shake with an extraordinary taste. At first everything went well because all of the customers asked something else, non of them exploited the rare possibility. Suddenly your friend appeared and appallingly he chose the special offer. This time you realized you didn't even have its ingredients. All of the nearby shops were closed this time. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles during your journey in order to serve your friend with the tasty shake at the end. Good luck and have fun!



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