Queen Escape Game

Queen Escape

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Queen Escape is a new Xtra Gamingz point and click game. Assume this game took place in the medieval ages and you are a prince. Your princess was one of the most beautiful girl in your country and malevolent people tried to steal her frequently in order to sell her at the black market. One day you had just arrived home from a journey in the adjacent country because you took part peace negotiations with them. It was successful so you decided to take her into your palace in order to spend a couple of days there. When you arrived home your servants welcomed you in bad mood. They informed you she was kidnapped by a wicked group and probably was kept in their headquarter. You set out to explore that building which was supposedly the whereabout of your princess. You managed to sneak inside and found your love. Unfortunately the way you came in was blocked by guards. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to find another way out. Have fun!



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