Procure The Hard Cash Game

Procure The Hard Cash

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You just recently paid for your travel expenses for the summer. The plane ticket used up most of your cash. Now you're on a tight budget. It's the beginning of the year and you should be feeling abundant to receive more. But you're really just getting by with the least expenses you can manage. However, your friends show up. They were so used to having you pay for most of the meals they ate. And now they're expecting you to do the same. They're actually being so kind to after your first treat to them. So you ended up spending every time you gather together. Yet that was when you still have a lot extra cash. Now you still have half to pay and not much to spend on other stuffs not related to travel. But you can't say it to your friends.

You excused yourself to get your wallet. But upon arriving home, your parents were not around. Then again, you remember your house has a lot of hidden treasures. Some bills can be just lying around forgotten and you need to find them fast. You can't keep your friends waiting or they might lose interest in you. Procure The Hard Cash is a room escape game by Enagames.


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