Pretty Girl Escape Game

Pretty Girl Escape

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Pretty Girl Escape is a game developed by Ena Games. Imagine you are a ranger in one of the most beautiful forests in your country. One day you were walking with your mate in the forest when suddenly you heared a shot coming from behind you. You glanced to your fellow and he started to collapse. In this time you noticed a big bloodstain on his shirt. Probably a poacher shot in order to deter you from his hunting ground. You stopped the bleeding of your friend then started to find out what was behind this. At the edge of the forest you found a small hut. You assaulted the house but for your biggest surprise you found a pretty girl instead of a malevolent man. She was bounded around her arms. When she noticed you she warned you too that a crazy man had been collecting his victims in the forest in order to make experiments on them. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to release the girl and escape from the house together. Good luck and have fun!



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