Precious Stone Escape Game

Precious Stone Escape

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The elves  have a giant and prosperous empire since the crown has been transferred to the new king, called Afaris. He managed to toss the previous king down from the throne by force. But it was worth the battle and the loss of lives because the country has never produced more goods and crops before. But the adjacent country and its inhabitants, the dwarfs, set eyes on their welfare and wanted a part of it. So they invaded the country with a giant army, forcing the locals to flee away from their homes into the cellars or into the mountains. Grimthorn and his family was forced to hide in the cellar too. When the hostile army marched away they wanted to get out but found themselves confined into there. The entrance was locked, probably the army left a supply cart in front of it. Find hidden objects and use them to make his way out of there. Have fun!

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