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It's fun to be a geologist but it's also dangerous. You have to go to the highest part of the world or to the deepest part of it. But what's dangerous is the fact that you have to go to those places alone. This is your situation right now. You have to go to the cave to look for a pothole. However, the cave is too dark and some potholes are deep. You might slip in one of the potholes so you just decided to get out of the cave instead. But when you looked around, you can't find the exit. You made a mistake by not leaving clues along the way. Because of this, you have to look for new hints that can help you to escape. You can also collect items that can help you to solve this puzzle.

However, clues and hints are not your only problem to escape from where you are. You also need to solve some puzzles before you can get out of this cave full of potholes. So be careful and find a way to escape. Play this newest room escape game from Enagames and try to escape from the Pothole as fast as you can. Good luck!

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