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Plot End

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Everyone expects for a plot twist well in fact, this is already the end. Every ending must be good and memorable. However, the success of the ending is in your hands. You are the one who can control if the ending would be happy or a disaster. The story goes something like this; today is your wedding day and everyone is at the reception to see you. You've waited so long for this day but there is a problem. The door in your room won't open. Everyone seems so busy in the reception and no one answers your call. You don't want to be late on your own wedding so you have to find a quick way to escape. Everyone expects you to be there any minute now. You have to be there on time or else, the wedding is off.

The ending is in your hands. You have to make this a happy one though. There are clues and items in the room that you can use to escape. Use your logic and try to escape as fast as you can. Play this brand new outdoor escape game from Ajaz Games and make this the best Plot End ever. Good luck and have fun!

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