Pirates Ship Escape Game

Pirates Ship Escape

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Imagine in this game you had just celebrated your wedding anniversary with your wife so you decided to surprise her somehow than you had never done before. One day when you arrived home from the work you ordered her to pack the luggages because you were going to travel abroad in a few hours. She swiftly called her boss and asked for a couple of days off from the office. In hours you were already at the airport and the next day you landed on a small island in the middle of the Pacific-Ocean. You immediately headed to the port where you got on a ship which functioned as a small hotel. You were sailing peacefully on the ocean for days when suddenly you glanced a pirate ship approaching your position. When they catched the ship they poured onto it and kidnapped you along with some tourists. They also demanded money in exchange of your release but you couldn't afford to pay it. Experience this scary situation and try to find a way out from the ship! Good luck and have fun!



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