Pirate Wreckage Escape Game

Pirate Wreckage Escape

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You promised yourself not to back out from any adventure that presents itself. And you're always looking out for it. Sometimes the adventures are too easy that you find it almost boring. Other times, it's an adventure you've done before. And rarely does it happen that you find a challenge hard. In your down time, you usually walk along the shore. Then you imagine yourself picking up a bottle with a message on it. And then you have to act on the message inside and this adventure will lead you to the depths of the ocean. But for so many times you've walked on the beach, this didn't happen. Instead, your vision is full of the wrecked ship. In your delight, you instantly run towards the ship to explore. It has so many interesting stuffs. And it seems like its been here for a long time.

It's kind of weird how no one comes near it. But your adventurer spirit is longing for the thrill. So you enter the ship and look at each and every detail you can find. You just can't contain your excitement that you run around trying to take in everything. As you do, some of the foundation gives away and now you can't leave. Play Pirate Wreckage Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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