Pine Tree Forest Mystery Game

Pine Tree Forest Mystery

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Pine Tree Forest is a popular park where anyone can go to for a reconnection to mother earth. It is especially popular during the spring and summer seasons. Indeed, it is a magical time to be here for there is always something that happens every weekend. Because of its popularity, it became a sort of  shield. While it is a tourist spot, nobody suspects that it is actually a site of an ancient magic. You as a forest ranger takes care of the forest. Today, you are speaking with the animals for their assistance in an important matter.

There was a huge storm yesterday which caused serious damage to a valuable infrastructure. The portal system, which is used to travel the great distances of the Pine Tree Forest, is now in ruins. The forest creatures are relaying information to you and indeed, it is no coincidence. The animals feel a certain disturbance, an echo throughout the land. There are signs of a troubling disaster coming and you must warn the others.

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