Pillow Cut House Escape Game

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Anna, your little sister, always nags you to take part in her tea party whit the imagionary friends. Today you had a little free time, and decided to play with her. Hopefully, after this she won't insist on inviting you. As your first act, you tried to poison Mr. Fluffy's tea, but Dr. Bear caught you red-handed and you had to appologize to Fluffy. Then you started to tell jokes, but no one was laughing. However, when Mr. Poo told a joke, everyone was shadding tears and rolling on the ground. Not fair. From then, you decided to not say a word, just sit there. For this, Anna got angry, ran out of the room and locked the door. She wants you to spend time with her friends and make them laugh. This won't do... You have to get out. Good luck!


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