Phantom Castle Escape Game

Phantom Castle Escape

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You are a paranormal investigator and your next case is to find out who killed the prince. So you went to the Phantom Castle to start the investigation. You suddenly felt dizzy when you stepped on the door. From this moment, you knew that there is something not good about the place. You walked carefully and felt the presence of the spirits. Then, you lit the candles at the floor and sat where the prince's found dead. You tried to contact his soul but it seems like another soul blocked him. It's the killer's soul. You found out that his not so loyal knight killed him. Your business here is over so you quickly packed your things and you ran on the way out. You tried to open the door but the killer's soul locked it.

He won't let you spill the truth and he will do anything so you won't get out of the castle. And you will also do everything just to escape from here. There are items inside the castle that you can use to escape. There are also lots of clues that can help you to solve this mystery. Play Phantom Castle Escape room escape game by Mouse City. Good luck!


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