Peril House Escape Game

Peril House Escape

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Danger is your middle name so you always seek for thrill. With this, you chose to live in the peril house. You think that life is more exciting with a little danger and thrill. So, you never back down for anything. Even though your ceiling is about to go down, you never plan to change it. For you, danger is parallel to fear. You proclaim yourself fearless until an earthquake occurred. You thought that you can conquer any danger but not this one. This event made your heart pound so fast. From there, you realized that you are only a human and you are afraid of the danger. This is such a scary thing but what's scarier is the fact that you can't get out from the house. Now, the danger is getting real. You have to find a way to open the door as fast as you can.

Clues and hints can help you a lot for your escape plan. There are also items around the peril house that you can use to open the door quickly. There's no time to waste. Play Peril House Escape room escape game from Avm Games and find the quickest way to escape. Good luck!

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