Percieve The Bequest Of Monarch Game

Percieve The Bequest Of Monarch

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You live in a kingdom where everything is in order. The people are receiving what they need. The king is also making sure that these people can survive on their own without being dependent on them. So he puts up schools and many structures that would benefit the kingdom and its people. Likewise he makes sure that only those with good intentions are on his side.You are very lucky to be one of them. The king chose you as one of his trusted men. All because of one memorable encounter. You were walking on the grounds of your school when the king entered. Even if his face is almost everywhere, you can't just register his face in your mind. And you end up not giving the full honors he usually receive. However, he found you amusing. And he invited you to the castle.

There your eyes widened when you realized who he is. Then again, the king deeply appreciated that simple act of respect you showed. He appreciated how you respected him without knowing who he was. So you as a reward, you're brought to the castle to work with him. And now, you're going to do a favor for him. You have to find the sculpture he will be giving his wife. Be sure to fulfill the king's request so play Percieve The Bequest of Monarch room escape game by Enagames.


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