Penguin Rescue Igloo House Game

Penguin Rescue Igloo House

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Last summer, you went to an ocean park which contains so many animals. What you really liked about the place are the penguins. It's your first time to see penguins and you can't help but adore their cuteness. However, it is quite sad for you to see them inside a glass with unnatural environment. You feel a bit guilty about patronizing such acts to the penguins. Although they are treated with best care, you still wish they are out in their habitat. So you move along to see other creatures but your thoughts remain with the penguins. You have a friend that researches on these matters. He is going to the south pole to check on the creatures there. You see this as an opportunity to make positive actions towards the cause in your heart. So you ask him if your could come. He is hesitant.

But at last, he lets you go with him. You can't thank him enough but he is so cool about it. The first day of your stay is all about strolling around their monitored areas. You see how complex their systems are and can't help but be in awe. Then you go exploring on your own. You see some penguins inside a cage in an igloo and it breaks your heart instantly. Play Penguin Rescue Igloo House outdoor escape game by Knf Games and help free the penguins.


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