Penguin Escape From Lorn Car Forest Game

Penguin Escape From Lorn Car Forest

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Penguins should be in a cold place and not in the forest. You were walking through the forest when you heard a squeaky sound. At first, you just thought that it's just an ordinary bird. But that's not what you saw. You saw a penguin in a lorn car. Everything got weird because you can't even think of a way how did this happen. This is such a mystery but what you need to think about right now is how to help the penguin to escape from the lorn car. He looks so uncomfortable and he really needs a cold place to go. You don't have much time left, the penguin might get sick so you have to be quick and rescue the penguin. However, the lock is too tight so you will need some objects to unlock the door.

Roam around the forest and collect items that could be useful for the rescue. You also have to think of a way on how to use those objects properly. Penguin Escape From Lorn Car Forest is the newest outdoor escape game from Avm Games. Play this exciting point and click escape game and use your logic to solve all the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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