Parrot Escape Game

Parrot Escape

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Parrot Escape is point and click game from Ena Games. Imagine you are an animal tender in a circus which had been travelling around the country for weeks. One day you performed in a big bustling city where people were amazed about the stunt of the animals. For the first time you exhibited your most precious show in which a parrot performed. It was unique because this bird could speak fluently in the human's language unlike his fellows who could just speak words. One day you finished your job in the backstage when you realized the cage of the parrot was empty. Somebody must had stolen it in order to sell at high price this animal. You and your workmates set out to investigate about this case and the clues led you to the room of one of your other workmates. The parrot was locked inside a cage and was asking for help continuously. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to release him. Good luck and have fun!



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