Paradise Plant House Escape Game

Paradise Plant House Escape

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You don't really intend to be a crime solver. However, it seems like the crimes are finding their way to you. You can't complain. Although, sometimes you're not sure if what you're doing is right, the authorities always have your back. It seems like it's easier for them to verify your findings than to look them themselves. So you always end up the first person to check out the scenes. When the media asks about you, the authorities are quick to make a new identity for you. They always change their statements in every scene. They don't want people knowing who you are or you'll have a hard time. Likewise, you are given some disguises most of the time. You don't know how safe you are. But you're sure that what you're doing helps the authorities a lot in pointing the criminals and apprehending them.

Then again, sometimes you get to work on some cases where there are no authorities. Just like today. You're walking towards home after having some snacks at a cafe. You feel quite heavy with your snacks so you're just walking towards home. However, you see a possible crime scene the authorities know nothing about. Since they're going to ask you anyway, you begin investigating without them around. You're focusing too much on the evidences that you lose your way out. Play Paradise Plant House Escape room escape game by Yolk Games.

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