Onam Festival Escape Game

Onam Festival Escape

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Onam Festival Escape is a game developed by Ena Games. Imagine in this game you are an important businessman who had been working hard in the last months. One day you were fed up with the work around you and wanted to have a vacation somewhere far from the bustling city. You decided to book a hotel room in your favourite golf hotel in order to be able to pursue your hobby during the holiday. When you arrived it was sunny so you headed toward the course immediately. The weather forecast predicted rain on the following days so the next day you were chained into the hotel, every outdoor program had to be cancelled. The hotel organized a game to engage the guest which main goal was to find hidden objects and fit them together around the building. The winner could earn an additional night in the hotel totally for free. Let's search for the clues around and win the competition. Have fun!



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