Old Villa Escape (365 Escape) Game

Old Villa Escape (365 Escape)

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This villa is made for your vacation. However, you became so busy so you didn't have the time to visit this villa. Because of that, this villa became so old. Now that you have time, you want to renovate the place. You want to make this old villa new again. The thing is, there are so many flaws in this villa. Some of the walls already fade away and the knobs are so rusty. The rust on the door is the reason why you find it hard to open. You only plan to stay here for this vacation and you don't want to stay in here forever. Therefore, you have to think of a way to escape. The good thing is that there are still items in this villa that you can use to open the door. However, those items would be useless if you don't use your logic.

You really have to think of a proper escape plan. Clues can help you to be successful so you have to roam around and look for those clues. Old Villa Escape (365 Escape) is the newest room escape game from 365 Escape that will test your logic and escape skills. Best of luck!

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