Old Fear House Escape Game

Old Fear House Escape

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Old Fear House Escape - point and click escape game from Games Novel. Imagine one day you remained home all day instead of work because you had serious illness. You watched tv all day long and one programme was about a mysterious landscape which allegedly had swallowed lots of people in the past without any clue. It rose your interest and wanted to explore this land immediately. Two years later you fulfilled your wish and travelled to this land. As you arrived your guide warned you about the rumour with fun. In the afternoon you set out to discover this amazing place. In the forest you glanced a small hut which seemed to be a shelter in bad weather. You entered and sat down to rest for a couple of minutes. Suddenly the door closed and became locked. Then you glanced backpacks of people who are probably the subject of the rumours. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles or else you will be the next missing person. Good luck!



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