Old City Mansion Escape Game

Old City Mansion Escape

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This old city suits for your old mansion. You never want to alter this mansion even though it's too old. Your mansion is the oldest one in this city and this makes your mansion a heritage site of the town. You want to preserve its original look especially its original equipment. So even though the city engineer advised you to renovate the house, you didn't agree. You don't want to change anything especially the door. This is the reason why your mansion is very popular but this is also the reason why you can't get out. Because of the oldness of the door, it became rusty and hard to open. Your key doesn't work anymore so you have to find another way to escape. Good thing that there are lots of items inside the mansion that you can use to open the door.

You wished that you took the advice of the city engineer but it's too late. You have to work for your freedom and use your logic to think of a nice escape plan. There are clues around the mansion that can help you to escape. Old City Mansion Escape is the newest room escape game from 365 Escape. Have fun!

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