Old Brick House Escape Game

Old Brick House Escape

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As you are wandering around the old village, you spot a brick house. It's quite old but the materials are still holding up. Your parents once told you that houses built during the earlier times are of better quality than today's. And you can't argue with them after seeing this. You go inside the house. It's not only the outside that's still fixed. The inside shows more signs of being old yet it still looks livable. However, you can't deny the dusty smell and the swaying house parts. A strong wind blows and the swaying door shut. You flinch at the banging sound and you instantly turn around. But no one is behind you. You begin to feel afraid. The inside of the house is not very well lit. So you move closer to the door to pull it open. You try with all your might.

But the door remains close. So you turn and look at what's behind you. You usually see in horror movies that something's jumping out from the darkness. You strongly pray that it wouldn't happen and move to search for your way out. Will you find your way in the dark? Play Old Brick House Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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