Old Abandoned House 2 Game

Old Abandoned House 2

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After getting out successfully from the first abandoned house, you are once more delivered to another house. You are hoping things will be easier to handle. And that is doesn't take too much death of nerve cells to pass. It still hidden somewhere the reason for being inside these houses. You just always find yourself waking up in a house where you need to escape. At first you are thinking this is just a prank. But the second time can't be a prank or it'll be  a very lame one. However, you still have no leads as why or who is setting you up. Then again, you maximize your skills to escape. So you start your search where you first find yourself. And hopefully it'll turn out with the identity of the people behind.

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  1. Date: October 19, 2016
    Author: dewed
    So they're submitting the same game twice now?
    • Date: October 20, 2016
      Author: vernada
      last time they did that, they removed it and put another on in its place.

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