Office Room Escape (Online Gamez World) Game

Office Room Escape (Online Gamez World)

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Finally! Work time is over. You are about to go home when your boss held you. He said that you can't go home yet. There are tons of paperworks to do and you have to work overtime. The thing is, you have to meet your friends tonight. It's Friday night and it's such a bummer to work overtime when everybody is out there partying. You have set this date long time ago and nothing can stop you. Not even your boss. The problem is, your boss is still at the office and looking out for you. Because of this, you have to find a way to escape from the office room without getting caught. You want to party out there but you don't want to lose your job in here.

There are clues that can help you to escape. You have to look for those clues and at the same time, look out for your boss. Another thing that can help you out are the objects that can make your escape easier. Your friends are waiting for you so you have to be fast. Play Office Room Escape (Online Gamez World) room escape game by Online Gamez World and collect the useful items at your office. Best of luck!

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