Novel Bonny Room Escape Game

Novel Bonny Room Escape

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Novel Bonny is the most novel person in town. He loves puzzles and he can solve any puzzles in just a few seconds. However, some people envy his skills. Because of this, they locked Bonny in his room so that he could never go out and try to be novel again. But you see nothing wrong with Bonny. In fact, Novel Bonny is the friendliest person that you know in this city. He is a good person and he doesn't deserve to stay in that room forever. So you have to find a way to help him to escape. However, the people put up puzzles outside his house that you need to solve before the door opens. You admit that you are not as good as him in solving puzzles so you have to roam around the city and find clues that can help you to solve those.

There are also some items that you need to have to unlock the door to Novel Bonny's room. Go through the city and pick those useful items for him. Novel Bonny Room Escape is another exciting point n' click outdoor escape game from Avm Games that you will surely enjoy. Good luck and have fun!

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