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North Dakota

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You're off to North Dakota for your annual vacation. Your grandparents has a place there and they want you to visit it. They've been asking you for years now. You have no idea why but they are very persistent. It seems like they want you to see something there but they can't simply say it. It's frustrating to be asked to do something without knowing why. But since you love your grandparents very much, you decide to go there without any questions. If something comes up, then it would be easier to deal with it if you can see them personally. It seems like your grandparents are planning something for so long. They are both so happy to know you're coming. You don't want to surprise them since you know they may feel stressed trying to prepare something for you. It's better that things are clear early on.

Upon arriving there, your grandparents welcome you with both arms. You can totally see in their faces how happy they are. You start smiling and tell yourself to have a good time. Then during a meal, your grandparents are talking to you but they stop at a crucial part. The rest of the message will continue if you find your way out of North Dakota outdoor escape game by Hooda Math.

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