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Neglected Hospital 2
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You're still inside the hospital. The more you stay here, the more the memories of the previous happenings are materializing. You have a little knowledge of the stuffs that happened here. And you know very well that you don't like seeing it in person. However, it seems like your journey here should really take time. No matter how you quicken your pace, you still end up going in a controlled manner. You don't understand how this can be happening, but you know that you want this to end soon. So you push yourself to keep on going. Stopping every time you hear some moans from the once alive patients and worrying about it will get you nowhere. Despite the fact that you want to turn around and just run away, you choose to face things head on. Of course, you're doing this with a little shaking of the heart.

Even in this depressing environment, you somehow have that hope in your heart that this marks the end. You can just feel it in your guts. But just like any challenges, you know you need to toughen up and face whatever comes your way. It's the only way to end things and running away won't help. Play Neglected Hospital 2 room escape game by 5n Games.

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