Neat Room Escape Game

Neat Room Escape

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Here is a brand new Games 4 King game where your objective is to get out of a Neat Room. Assume you visited a fortune-teller with four of your team mates to learn if you were going to win the championship this year. As you arrived to the address a kind old man welcomed you and escorted into a big livingroom. He offered you 4 cup of hot water which was the main tool of the seance. You sat down around the table each of you to one cup of water and he started to recite strange texts. The water in front of you started to spin around in the glass. Suddenly he was interrupted by a phone call and left you there. Hours went by and he didn't reappear. You wanted to leave but bumped into a locked door. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out from this strange place. Have fun!



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