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Naughty Baby

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Most people might have smiles ready on their faces when they see babies. You on the other hand is very scared of them. When you were younger, you watched Spirited Away where there was a giant baby. You can't forget that baby and you end up being afraid of them. You try to avoid them as much as possible. However, fate is kind of playing a trick on you. You're now a fresh graduate. And although you have good records, you still have to wait for the results of the examinations and interviews. In the mean time, you're looking for a job. The only job you can find is to baby sit your neighbor's baby. You try so much to avoid it. But your neighbor is offering you a huge amount just to take care of the baby for six hours. He also promises to help you find a job.

So you find it hard to say no. You haven't seen the baby yet. But you already condition your mind to just be chill around the baby. Thinking of it as a monster will definitely not help you. So you walk inside the house only to find the baby similar to the one in the movie. You instantly hold your breath to calm yourself. But it turns out to be a naughty one. Play Naughty Baby room escape game by WoW Escape.

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