Nano Safes Escape Game

Nano Safes Escape

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Imagine you are a small insect on which a mad professor are experimenting on. One day, he infects you with a curious liquid, causing brain malfunction. You couldn't see well and it was painful, too. Deciding to escape from this laboratory somehow, one night while he's resting, you sneak out from your cage as you start to search for possible exit points. You glance around but a door is nowhere in sight. Futhermore, guards are roaming outside. You saw what they look like and you cannot forget such thin and sallow faces. Fighting the pain, you held on to the wall as you support yourself. A storage room is in this direction and you decide to get inside where you found an air vent that may lead to your escape.

Nano Safes Escape is point and click escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out. Have fun!


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