Mythical Beast Forest Escape Game

Mythical Beast Forest Escape

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Your main goal in coming to this forest was to enjoy its beauty. You were reading a book one day and it described such a perfect place. It was named Mythical Beast Forest. So you searched the internet to see if there was really a place with such a name. Surprisingly, there was. However, you needed to travel far for it. Fortunately, you had your miles from your previous flights and you made use of those. You booked a flight to the country and even contacted a local guide. The guide was just doing its job but if it was him, he wouldn't dare go near the place. He dropped you off at the location but he wouldn't go deeper with you. So you made him wait for you outside. As soon as you stepped in, you heard some low growl from somewhere and the engine started.

You heard the vehicle moved away fast leaving you all alone in the enchanting forest. Fear wasn't gripping you while you explored the forest. It was more of excitement at seeing something that was out of the ordinary. But then from the corner of your eyes, you can see something big and furry following you. Play Mythical Beast Forest Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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