Mystic Lockers Game

Mystic Lockers

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Your lockers at school are not called Mystic Lockers for no reason. These lockers are the talk of the school every start of classes. Students report unusual activities taking place around. You ignored the stories but they haunt you. One day, you stayed in school a little longer. You finished your homework and went to the lockers. You searched for your keys when you saw one locker opening. Something was pulling you closer. You peeked inside and was transported to a different world. You looked around but no one else is there. So you decided to explore alone. Many doors lined up but none leads outside. You started to panic. You clutched your bag tightly and looked for the exit. Your mind tells you to be fast but your body is feeling like jello. You chose mind over matter. And your escape is clearer. Or so you think. Just escape.

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