Mystic Island Game

Mystic Island

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You couldn't believe you made it through the end of a long  ad stressful day. It was like everyone has something for you to do. And you just couldn't say no to them because you just couldn't. Add to that the little mishaps that when combined could cause such a great disaster. You were close to tears for most of the time due too much pressure. You were the kind of person to just be silent about all the hurt you were going through. And when everything was too much to handle, you just needed to cry. Then you'll feel better. However, you couldn't let others see you. You had this image of being calm despite all the chaos going on around you. And you couldn't let go of that image since it was what made people trust you. You just had to handle all your struggles calmly.

Then the end of the day came. You went straight to your bed to rest for a while before taking a bath. But exhaustion took over and you instantly fell asleep. So many dreams passed you by. There was one which you wished you could be in for a long time. But you woke up. And you woke up to a strange mystic island. Play Mystic Island outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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