Mystery House Escape Game

Mystery House Escape

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Mystery House Escape is a game developed by Top Escape Games. Imagine your marriage with your wife had started to go wrong recently so one day you decided to visit a marriage counsellor in order to get advices how could you save it from the divorce. On a friday afternoon after the work you called a woman who was famous for her hints in your city. When you arrived a kind woman escorted you into her pleasant home. She made you sit down and offered a relaxing green tea. You felt dizzy and a couple of minutes later you fell unconscious. You woke up maybe the next day. You found a piece of paper on the table which said you probably were allergic to one of the ingredients in the tea, that was the reason why you collapsed. You shouted to learn if anybody was at home but no response came. You wanted to leave but found the entrance locked. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out somehow. Good luck!



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