Mystery Cave House Escape Game Game

Mystery Cave House Escape Game

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You play as a cave man, in a time where the first tools were invented. You went to the woods to hunt animals for food when you came across a cave like no other; you've been roaming around these parts for years and this was the first time you saw this cave. You moved to examine the cave entrance--with caution, of course. Proper cave man etiquette required one to bang three times at the cave entrance to notify the dweller that someone was outside but since this was not your usual cave you decided to sneak in. When you took your fifth step, you noticed that you hit something with your bare foot
(It was a modern day tripwire), in that instant a huge boulder covered the cave entrance trapping you inside. Now you have nowhere left to go so you need to move forward and hope that this mysterious cave has another opening that leads outside.

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