Mysterious Underground Cave Game

Mysterious Underground Cave

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You're a newly recruited agent of an intelligence group. You don't know how and why but you're ecstatic anyway. They seem to be legit so you don't worry about your safety much. You're pretty much alone in life so no matter what happened to you, no one will come looking. This made doing dangerous missions a whole lot easier for you. You don't have to worry about making someone worry. But what you don't know is someone is always looking out for you. When you go out to dangerous missions, someone is always working on the devices to make your escapes easier. However, one day, you notice things are not as easy as they used to be. You're thinking maybe something's wrong with you. But when you have your over-all check up, nothing's wrong with you. You're actually better than ever but then why is there difficulty.

So you go to your superior to ask if he has noticed something strange about you. He sighs and begins telling you of the reason. It's surprising for you to know that someone's worrying about you. Now it's your time to show that person your appreciation. Your search leads you to an underground cave. Play Mysterious Underground Cave room escape game by Mirchigames and help a friend out.


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