Mysterious Forest Game

Mysterious Forest

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You are preparing for a journey. You quit your boring day job and returning to your grandfather. He lives in the woods and hunts to survive. Finally, you decide to take him up on his offer and help him run the family business. You thought, maybe the fresh air is just what you need. The journey is long but you finally arrive with a sigh of relief. The forest seems to give you the energy you need. Your grandfather welcomes you with open arms and the two-bedroom log cabin sems to comes alive. The next day, you and your grandfather set out to venture dep inthe woods. While walking your grandfather tells you about the forest and admits that it's not an ordinary place as it is magical and mysterious.

Mysterious Forest is new adventure/escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Enter in to the magic forest. Find different objects for forest animals and receive a reward to advance in the game. Search for all the solution to puzzles and escape in to the new dimension. Have fun!

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