Mysterious Bunker Ruins Game

Mysterious Bunker Ruins

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Your job requires you to explore mysterious places. One day, an anonymous tipper phoned you to inform of an ancient bunker in the middle of the forest. Packing some supplies, you already have an idea about this certain bunker.  Since your partner is sick, today you have to go on the field alone. However, you know very well not to get cocky so you left behind instructions for your partner to send for backup soon. You went to the bunker and easily got inside because of a trick you learned. Unexpectedly, the door closed behind you. The bunker is in ruins so it really could be dangerous, that's why you have to escape from there as soon as possible. Even though help could arrive any moment you never know what could happen.

Mysterious Bunker Ruins is point and click adventure escape game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Collect some objects which you need to open the door and get out. Good luck!


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