Mysterious Autumn Forest Game

Mysterious Autumn Forest

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Some mysterious and mystical things happen there everyday, so you don't know what to expect. Because of those magical things, they cause you to lose your way and only some inhabitants of the forest could help you escape. You wander around for awhile trying to find a way out on your own. Because of the strange world you found yourself into, a sense of foreboding alarms you so much. There is a mysterious energy field which looks like a portal, for sure that will be the exit way. However, an elephant there offers you his help in exchange of some ants and mushrooms. At this point, you are willing to do anything to get back home to your family.

Mysterious Autumn Forest is a point and click game where you got lost in a strange forest. So firstly explore the forest to collect every item you could need and after that use them in your escape mission. Good luck and have fun!


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