Mysterious Autumn Forest 2 Game

Mysterious Autumn Forest 2

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It's autumn, your favorite part of the year. Taking a leave from work, you start packing your bags for a vacation. Your Uncle's log cabin is empty and behind it is a forest where you grew up playing. The whole forest transforms into a gorgeous mesh of browns, reds and yellows during the first two weeks of the season. Because you are an artist by nature, this also brings out the photographer in you. Venturing out to the woodlands brings a sense of calm in you. As you take photos of certain wildlife, you start to feel the stress washing off of you. Unfortunately, you lost your sense of time and you eventually realize that you lost your way.  Everything looks exactly the same, so it's pretty hard to find the way back.

Mysterious Autumn Forest 2 is second part of the game series in which you got lost in a mysterious forest. All you can do now is to explore the forest, solve puzzles and escape. Good luck and have fun!


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