Mysteries Room Escape Game

Mysteries Room Escape

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Mysteries Room Escape is escaping game from Wow Escape. Imagine you are a psychologist who had been treating an alcohol addicted man for years. A strict rule determined that the tender had to spend a whole week with his patient before the sick could be announced a totally recovered person. It was near to the end of your therapy so one day you started the one week long test. At first everything went well but on the third day he started to act strange as if he just disguised that he was totally recuperated and the temptation for alcohol was in his mind yet. That night when you went to sleep and fairly fell into deep sleep suddenly you heared the entrance door thud. You went out to check what was going on and realized your patient fled away probably to a nearby pub. You wanted to follow him and get his collar but found the door locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to open it somehow in order to catch him. Good luck and have fun!



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