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Museum Escape

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You find some museums very boring. And this is an example. The visit is required and you'll miss a lot.  You dragged your feet around. You sleepily looked at the displays. Then you had an idea. In your mind, the museum is filled with puzzles. The lights blinked. And your thoughts came true. Suddenly the museum is empty and closed.  You became excited. Finally you have something to do. You looked around the museum with light step and curious gazes. Then you found your first puzzle. This thrilled you. So you ran and looked for more puzzles. You thought it would be just a piece of cake. But you should have been more careful. The puzzles in the museum aren't child's play. And your skills should show. So now live in the reality. And furthermore escape this museum.

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  1. Date: September 15, 2016
    Author: dewed
    The 3 different gold statues on the walls were clickable but must have been red herrings. I got out without using them.

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