Ms Hamen Ghost Ship Escape Game

Ms Hamen Ghost Ship Escape

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England. You have to leave the place for a while to have a different perspective in life. You're confident that your journey will bring you positive things and will make you stronger. You climbed aboard the ship MS Hamen. It was a very new ship. And it is known as one of the top service providers. You excited head over to your room. It was amazing. As the ship started to sail, you feel a bit nauseous. So you curled up in your bed and just closed your eyes. After a while, you are awaken with the rickety sound. You wondered where it came from but you can't ask just anyone. Slowly, one by one, you saw the ship turned into an old and messy one. So you looked around outside and found the same thing going on. Better move fast before time catches up with you.

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